They say that true love knows no bounds, and if you want to get a visa for an overseas partner, you may need to take this statement to heart. After all, the application process can be lengthy and complex, but you can certainly achieve your dream if you go about it the right way and get help from professionals. What are some of the key factors to bear in mind as you apply for a partner visa?

Genuine and Ongoing

Firstly, you will need to prove that the relationship is genuine and ongoing. Unfortunately, there's quite a lot of fraud in this area, but if everything is above board in your case, you'll just have to provide information to back everything up.

As you gather this data, focus on three separate areas: social, financial and living arrangements.

Social Proof

Make sure that your friends and family (on both sides) are fully engaged and get them to provide evidence. They can offer affidavits that a lawyer in their area can witness, and you can gather as much material from social media as possible.

Most of the top social media channels allow you to download a copy of conversations. While these can often be extensive, don't worry, and present all the evidence to the authorities. They are unlikely to read through it line by line, but it will certainly give them proof that you not only know each other but that you have a developed relationship that will stand the test of time.

Financial Information

If possible, see if you can set up a joint bank account or buy an asset or two together. Ideally, present evidence to show that you have been co-mingling your finances for several months, and make sure that the evidence is accompanied by official letterheads or other means of authentication.

Keep It Coming

There's no such thing as too much information. Include travel documentation and Christmas cards that you may send back and forth, and cross-reference everything to ensure validity. If they are any inconsistencies for whatever reason, add the explanation and do not give the authorities any reason to doubt.


You may not be able to live with your partner due to the distance between you, which makes it hard to prove cohabitation. However, make sure you have evidence of tickets and bookings to show that visits have taken place.

Primary Focus

Certainly, there are a lot more steps to consider before you can apply for a visa, and there are other rules to take on board. Yet the most important thing is to prove that the relationship is valid, so begin to gather this material before talking to an immigration expert.