A partner visa is ideal for spouses and defacto spouses of Australian citizens who wish to live in Australia. Below is a guide discussing how to apply for a partner visa in Australia successfully. 

Understand The Eligibility Criteria

Partner visa applicants must meet the following criteria: 

  1. Applicants must provide their medical history to ensure that they do not have a contagious illness or a disease that would prevent Australian citizens from accessing healthcare services.
  2. Your presence should not pose a threat to Australian citizens. Typically, you should not be a criminal or terrorist in your home country.
  3. You should not have had a visa cancellation while in Australia.
  4. You must be in a genuine union with an Australian citizen, permanent resident, or eligible New Zealand citizen. 

Your spouse or fiancĂ© automatically becomes your sponsor when applying for this visa. They should not have sponsored someone else on a similar visa within the last five years. Besides, the applicant and sponsor should not owe debts to the Australian government. If they do, they must make arrangements with the relevant authorities to repay their debts. 

Hire An Immigration Attorney

An experienced immigration attorney will have handled numerous applications in the past. As such, they know what the department will look out for when processing your visa. For instance, you must prove beyond a reasonable doubt that you are in a long term and bona fide relationship with your partner. As such, you should be willing to live together while in Australia. Besides, you ought to have joint bank accounts or assets. Your lawyer will also help you acquire other essential documents such as police clearance certificates and medical tests. 

Prepare For Interviews And Follow-Ups

As the department reviews your application, your case officer could request an over the phone or physical interview. Typically, they will want to know whether the information you provided is accurate and consistent. Therefore, you should not contradict yourself during the interview. The officer would also want to know personal details such as your partner's hobbies, earnings, favourite foods, or the side of the bed that they sleep on. It helps them determine the authenticity of your relationship. Your attorney will prepare you for these interviews. Moreover, they will be present during the interview to ensure the case officer follows the required guidelines when conducting the interview. 

When applying for a partner visa, assess the eligibility criteria, work with an immigration attorney and prepare for interviews and follow-ups.